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PVC Electrical Adhesive Tape


Scapa 6022 is a 0.15mm premium quality, electrical self-extinguishing soft PVC tape which uses an aggressive pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive system. It has been designed for use where a recognised specification or international standard is required and where environmental safety is of concern.

Technical Data

Colours Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Yellow/Green, Grey, Green, Multicolours
Adhesive Rubber Resin
Thickness 0.15 mm

Ref, sizes dimensions/Number of units

Description Reference Quantity /Carton UOM
6022 Grey 50mm x 33m Scapa 103905 18 ROL
6022 Black 50mm x 33m Scapa 104022 18 ROL
6022 Black 15mm x 10m Barnier 148540 100 ROL
6022 White 15mm x 10m Barnier 148542 100 ROL
6022 Blue 15mm x 10m Barnier 148543 100 ROL
6022 Yellow 15mm x 10m Barnier 148544 100 ROL
6022 Yellow/Green 15mm x 10m Barnier 148545 100 ROL
6022 Dark Green 15mm x 10m Barnier 148546 100 ROL
6022 Red 15mm x 10m Barnier 148547 100 ROL
6022 Brown 15mm x 10m Barnier 148548 100 ROL
6022 Grey 15mm x 10m Barnier 148549 100 ROL
6022 Mixture 15mm x 10m Barnier 148560 100 ROL
6022 Melange 19mm x 25m Barnier 148561 120 ROL
6022 Black 19mm x 25m Barnier 148562 120 ROL