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Medium Soft (MS1) Acrylic Adhesive UPVC Double Sided Tape


SCAPA 4403 is a high performance double sided tape based on an UPVC film. The tape is coated on both sided with an aggressive, acrylic based adhesive (Medium Soft 1), protected by a 120 gsm, white coloured, polycoated paper release liner. Recommended for bonding, splicing, laminating and product assembly applications.


Technical Data

Colours Transparent
Adhesive Medium Soft Acrylic MS1
Thickness 0.24 mm

Ref, sizes dimensions/Number of units

Description Reference Quantity /Carton UOM
4403 19mm x 50m 8355 119946 16 ROL
4403 50mm x 50m 8355 119987 6 ROL