BARNIER® becomes BARNIER® PRO: Flexible, innovative, customised and turnkey!

After adopting a new visual identity, Barnier® has developed clever merchandising and new product segmentation for even more clarity on the shelves.

More flexible and dynamic multi-merchandising.

The products are packaged in "cut-case" of color with a descriptive front label and the products benefit from double labeling. Implantation in pins, tablets or cut-case, to you to choose!

New graphic charter

With the colours of Barnier® Pro - orange and green - the new design is efficient and helps guide your customers to the desired product.

Informative ILVs, pediments, strips, stopping beams with Barnier® Pro colors allow you to realise customised implementations!

And a digital tablet completes our package by offering your customers an interactive catalogue of the entire Barnier® Pro range with technical information and product applications, all in one click!