23 Oct, 2019

Le Vert 6098® is now 33 metres long

The indispensable multi-purpose adhesive tape that respects the environment is now 33 metres long.

Its applications:
- All-round building tape for structural work, finishing and finishing: repair, sealing, sealing, masking, protection, maintenance of tarpaulins and masking films, jointing of tarpaulins.
- For outdoor and indoor construction sites.
- Sticks to concrete, rubble, plasterboard, wood, metals, plastic sheeting...

The + products :
- Strong adhesive: adheres to all substrates, even dusty or damp ones.
- Very easy to unwind despite a very aggressive adhesive mass, prevents elongation on application.
- Thin ribbon, ideal for finishing work.
- Very easy to tear by hand, allows multiple cuts accurate and fast.
- Very comfortable thanks to its polyolefin film, allows the protection of curves, follows the relief.
- Keeps its suppleness even at low temperatures in winter.

- Contains no halogenated substances or heavy metals (polyolefin film).
- Natural rubber-based adhesive.
- Axle, packaging board and label made of recycled materials.

Item Number: 175537 - Gencod : 3105720755371
Dimensions: 50mm x 33M
Individual packaging and labelling
Case of 36 RLX

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